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Cremation urns play an important role as they are actually the final resting place of the loved one. The process (possibly ceremonial) is called an inurnment. Such, an urn may be kept for generations and it should speak about who the person was and what he or she represented for the family.

There are many different type of cremation urn styles, types and material that they are comprised of.  From standard/conventional designs to personal-unique and eleborate.
Make this difficult time a little easier with the quality selection of urns from Urns.org. Choose from an array of materials, colors and designs to find the perfect way to honor your loved one. From memorial guides to inscription ideas, Urns.org is ready to assist you in this troubling time.

Popular types of top-level urn materials are comprised of:
- Wood (laquered or treated) - Metal - Stone
- Bio-degradable - Enamled (such as Cloisonne) - Leather
- Lost Wax - Porcelain - Silk